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Pink Bubbles

Beachside Yoga
Okaloosa Island: Beach Access 2

Therapy for the Soul Presents:
Chakra Yoga w/Felicia

Beachside Yoga Studio
Fridays: 8:30am-9:30am

Bring a large blanket or towel, Water, Hat, Sunscreen & possibly your swimsuit for dip after your practice!


Chakra Yoga -
Awaken your personal power and get those Chakras unblocked and in balance. Energy Master, Felicia Crawford will guide students through a fun and innovative practice which includes, yoga, meditation and essential oils. Let your PRANA flow!

Understanding the chakras is key to personal development! Awakening the Chakras through Yoga allows you to embody the specific gifts contained within each of these phenomenal Energy Centers.

Each week we will dive into the understanding of 1 of the 7 Chakras. You will gain understanding of this fascinating system of energy. Chakras are energy awareness centers. The doorways of creativity and communication. They connect the world of spirit and the material world.

"Each of us has a personal voice and talent to express to the world. Where are you blocking this power? Let's find out together!"

This is a Donation based Event.

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