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10 Great reasons to learn Reiki

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

1. Anyone can learn.
It’s natural, safe, complimentary and easy. Reiki does not require special equipment or a location to practice. You can use Reiki anytime, anywhere. It is always with you . I have taught Reiki to artists, teachers, writers, massage therapists, psychologists, cooks, moms, dads, children lawyers, accountants, train drivers, bankers, personal trainers + many more. Some have gone on to become professional Reiki Practioners, others have used it as a tool to enhance other things they do and their overall quality of life. Reiki Training is not just for people that want to become healers. Learning Reiki is a self-development journey, it can bring a new dimension to your life!
2. Decreases anxiety and worry while enhancing inner peace and calm.
The attunements you receive in the courses and regular self-healing help teach you how to let go of daily stresses. Reiki will balance the mind and as a result you worry less and become more peaceful.

3. Become more grounded and balanced.
Reiki allows you to become more connected to nature & much more aware of how you can manage your day-to-day energy. The intent is balance and balance brings grounded focus. Imagine getting this done at the highest productivity level possible, how cool!

4. Increases Self-Love & Confidence.
Learning Reiki is a journey of self-empowerment. It is the application of self-love. You will learn the value and importance of self-care. You learn how take total responsibility for all areas of your life, your thoughts, feelings, body and relationships and as a result confidence and self-love naturally increases.

5. You learn the art of self-healing, which amplifies body’s natural ability to heal itself. Nature’s natural pain reliever.

Your body always wants to be in balance and harmony. Our bodies are wise, intelligent and powerful. Self-healing allows you to connect to your body and listen to its wisdom. You connect to your inner compass, allowing you to let go of things that no longer serve you and move forward with ease and grace. Reiki is wonderful as a natural pain reliever, pain becomes the reference point to say, “Something is out of balance.” Now you will know how to balance!

6. Less Fear, more courage.
When you are grounded, fear has a different mindset around it. Learning Reiki allows you to recognize fear for what it is, listen to its wisdom and move through it into the unknown with ease, confidence and strength.

7. Greater clarity, creativity & sense of purpose.
A balanced mind is a clear mind. Reiki raises your consciousness level, which simply put is YOU ARE MORE AWARE! It is very common during the training to have enormous “ah-ha” moments, where major waves of clarity about the past and the future surface strongly.

8. Stronger intuition & trust for yourself and the universe.
Everyone has intuition. It is those gut feelings or things you know which you cannot give a reference to outside of yourself. The Reiki journey helps you tap into this inner wisdom. As you gain more clarity and peace you will trust yourself more!

9. More compassion, gratitude and appreciation for life, yourself and others.
Reiki opens the Heart. When you love yourself more and feel the loving vibration of Reiki, it is easier to share with others. You will discover how everyone and everything in your life has served your evolution, which results in deep feelings of appreciation and gratitude for life.

10. You gain an amazing gift to share with loved ones, animals, plants and the earth.
In the study of Reiki, you learn not only how to do self-healing, but how to share healing energy with family, friends, loved ones, plants, animals, land and physical objects. It is such a sacred gift to be able to share and it provides deep comfort, healing and relaxation during any challenging circumstances life may present. The gift of sharing!
Happy Learning!

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