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A message from Archangel Michael

Even if you don't know..." A Message from Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the Angel of FAITH! He assists all of humanity in the removal of fear in order to live on PURPOSE! In this video, he speaks to the messages of Even if you don't know...

Where the path will take you.

What the outcome will be.

How it will get done.

The reason why.

When you are called to live on purpose and it is your desire. You step into co-creation. For you are not doing it all by yourself. There are forces of supernatural origin there to assist you in all you do. Even if you don't know how it will all work out, it requires


Do what you are guided to do this week even when you don't know.. Have faith in yourself and look for signs of support. They are there for you. The Angels are there for you.

"I don't ask why, I just comply." A powerful mantra for working with your intutition!

Have a magical week! Felicia

1 space Remains for Level One Karuna Reiki this weekend!

The NEXT step for Reiki Masters! Accelerate and Elevate your Spiritual Growth and Abilities

June 13th: 11am-5pm

June 14th: 11am-2pm

This program is 2 days

Saturday 11-6pm

Sunday 11-3pm

Level One You will learn about

*Karuna Reiki and its origin and connection with spiritual beings 

*Meditation and healing practice 

*Understanding your shadow self 

*You will connect with Kuan Yin the Goddess of compassion one of the four great Bodhisattvas or enlightened beings that watch over the earth. 

*You will learn the level 1 four Karuna Reiki symbols and their uses. 

*How to give Karuna treatments 

*Practice using the Karuna Reiki symbols 

Learn about sound vibration and how to chant and tone with Karuna Reiki Symbols 

*Attunements of level 1 symbols.

This is a trademarked system through the Internation Center for Reiki Training and you will be registered with this national organization!

6 CE Hours for Massage Therapists


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