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Look GOOD. Feel Phenomenal!

Look Great! Feel Phenomenal!

Recently, I posted a picture of myself on Facebook, I was actually shocked with the amount of GREAT feedback I got about this image. It got me thinking..

This year I turned the BIG 5.0! So looking good and feeling phenomenal is high on my mind. I desire to AGE well. Come on, don’t we all want to know how to do this?

At the gym, I hear conversations comparing skin therapies, botox, face lifts etc as we begin our workouts. This got me thinking…

What is one of my secrets?

Yes, I work out. Yes, I use plenty of moisturizers. Yes, I drink tons of water. Yes, eat well..

My secret weapon.. The secret I have to share with you is….

There is a Fountain of Youth inside of you, a place where you can come to understand and embrace the ThetaHealing understanding of

“I am forever young and always regenerating!”

During the Basic DNA Course, the 12th strand of the DNA is activated. It is referred to as the Youth and Vitality Chromosome. When this activation occurs it activates the cells of the body to regenerate at miraculous rates and repairs the strands of the DNA that have been damaged by time, environmental toxins and disease in the genetic codes.

When I took this course in 2012, my life changed forever. I have since that time been witness to youthfulness, a fountain of youth in my heart. With a renewed innocence, my DNA began to function differently. I began thinking in new ways, wanting to eat in new ways, and more daring in my life in all ways. To this day, I have a courage and strength I never had when I was younger. I accredited this to DNA activation!

At each level of the ThetaHealing path, we activate new parts of the DNA and pineal gland and really… essentially begin to live from the vibration of our SOUL. The soul is

“Forever young and always regenerating!”

Are you ready to LOOK GOOD and FEEL PHENOMENAL?

Of course you do!

I would love to share this Secret with you. Join me this month!

October 14th-16th for the BASIC DNA course.

Click here to read more and send me a message to sign up for the Course.



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