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The Nature of the Soul

Messages from Archangel Michael

Weekly Angel Video message for Jan. 29th

"The Nature of The Soul"

This week Archangel Michael brings forth the message of the Nature of the Soul. The Nature of the Soul is living in the knowing it is connected to the Divine (God) of the Universe. The Nature of the Soul knows it is the Mircrocosm of the Macrocosm.

The Nature of the Soul is to shine forth Light and Love to share their gifts and purpose for all to see.

This week he encourages you to let your Soul blossom through compassion, carving out free time for yourself and let your Soul be in charge of your inner voice and outer tasks.

"I know what to say, I know what to do, I know where to go."

-Let your Soul Be your Guide.

"Each flower in Nature is a Soul in Bloom."


Felicia Crawford has been working with the Angels for over 15 Years. Archangel Michael made his presence known to her during her work in the field of Reiki and Energy Medicine. She offers personal readings and healings through her work with “Therapy for the Soul”. These sessions are a combination of Reiki, ThetaHealing and Angelic Communication. Visit her website for more information @

Visit her YouTube Channel to receive weekly messages from the Angels to inspire your life!

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