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What to Share? Finishing out 2022

Each day as a business and as an individual I contemplate What do I share today?

Do i share some wisdom in the form of a blog, a social post?

Do I share a special offer to encourage others to practice self care and connect to their Angels?

Do I share a personal experience with friends and my community about my private life…..

I have to admit this morning, as we are all coming into the final month of this year. (Thank God, right?) I woke up with these questions and decided to ASK THE ANGELS.

“Angels, what do you encourage me to share?”

I figured it was time to get another perspective. To step outside of my mind and all it’s options. I love my mind for the options yet I also wish it could be more direct and decisive. 🙂

As always, the Answer somewhat surprised me.

The Answer came from within my heart.

“Share yourself, be generous and then it won’t matter WHAT you are sharing, but just focus on the fact that when you share.. Share freely, share generously.”

When I received this transmission I felt a wave of love and then I just wept. Not from sadness but from LOVE. I had not realized my heart wanted to share. I was in my mind instead of my heart.

The heart is the place of generosity and sharing. For when we share ourselves we open a space for connection. The heart LONGS for CONNECTION!

So I share with you this story and have the sense you may be able to relate.

I also will share this offer with you.

This month I only have 11 openings for sessions left.

This month I only have 11 spots in the Angel Link events on the 11th & 18th.

I feel called to share these openings at $99

These sessions are for the month of December!

To save your spot either reach out to me directly or sign up online.

I am grateful to you all for sharing your time and love with me.

In the LIGHT of the ANGELS,


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