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2023 Message from Archangel Michael!

Archangel Michael’s message to share:

Wow 2023! I don’t know about you but I am relieved to file away 2022.

The year of 2022 for me was a year of transition. I relocated back to the states after a year of adventure in Puerto Rico. Since the spring I have been finding my way back into life and out of the funk of Covid and all things that transpired during these last couple of years.

I am coming into 2023 with a plan of action and ready to be on the front line of service! I am committed to making this the best year yet.

A year of financial gain!

A year of career growth!

A year of collaboration!

A year of celebration!

A year of committed effort towards a goal!

Of course, I asked Archangel Michael to add his energy and encouragement!

Here is the card I drew for collective energy!

Message from Archangel Michael:

This card because you’re asking about how to improve a situation. Archangel Michael advises you to fully commit to your desired outcome. If you’re tentative, or unsure if you’re deserving or worthy enough, then the final result will be unsatisfactory. However, by making a commitment, you’ll help spark movement in your life.

This is the year to longer be a spiritual sampler. Trying on this practice and then that one to see what fits. It is time to pick a path and commit to seeing it through. Sampling is simply a tool of selection. It will help you to explore and discover what you like and what you don’t!

NOW you KNOW! So commit. Remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side. It is a matter of committing to where you are and THEN giving it all your attention and love to see it through.

To be committed is to become emotionally invested. A pledge to follow a certain course of action. Time to put those commitment issues in the past and invest all of you on a path of purpose, doing what you desire. To commit is to engage whole-heartedly! The angels are with you and support you in this endeavor!

-Archangel Michael

Ways to act on this message!

Commit to your current relationship to create more intimacy and satisfaction

• Allow yourself to fully enjoy each moment

• Completely immerse yourself in an exciting project

• If you’re a musician or an artist, become deeply mindful of every note played or each stroke of your paintbrush • Be confident as you speak and write

A Prayer:

“Archangel Michael, as the angel of courage and confidence, I call upon you to lend me your strength. Allow me to commit to myself, my life, and my Divine purpose. Please clearly guide me so I can fully open my heart to every experience.”


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