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A message of Surrender for December from Archangel Michael

Hello and Welcome December!

This month, I tuned again into Archangel Michael to offer a powerful message as this year comes to an end. Archangel Michael is known as a Spiritual warrior and Powerful Lightworker. His energy radiates a cobalt blue and he carries the vibration of God. His name means: “He who is most like God.” When you read this message, know he is with you at that moment.  Right here. Right now!

This time of year is such a mix of emotions for many of us, including myself. This year I lost my sister and I am feeling this as the year comes to an end. My family seems fragmented at this time. My children are getting older and have their own plans, there are things in the family I wish were different. Now without my mother or my sister any longer here, there is a void. One I feel in my heart. I know there are those who can understand this, because at the holidays is when many feel sad and glad. There is a term, “holiday blues.” 

 (information sourced from WebMD)

The holidays mark an impending new year, people may also begin to reflect on the past year and experience feelings of regret or failure. They might think about the goals they had and the things they wanted to accomplish and feel upset if they did not meet those expectations. Other factors can include:

Lack of sleep due to hectic holiday schedules.

Excess eating and alcohol use from turning to  unhealthy coping mechanisms to handle holiday sadness and stress.

Financial stress in order to afford gifts for family and friends.

Isolation and loneliness from not being able to spend the holidays with your family, friends or those you have lost. 

Unrealistic expectations  that you  are supposed to feel nonstop joy and holiday cheer.


So what can we do about this? 

This the message I received:

“Beloved beings of light, I choose to use this channel to bring you a message of Surrender. A message of TRUE and pure Power. A message of the ONE. The one you may call by many names, God, Source, Light, Father, Creator. The ONE from which you are a part of, sourced from! You are the Light of the Light. 

When you are faced with feelings as this channel spoke of stress, loneliness, anxiety, fears, discouragement do not judge these feelings yet do not take them into you deeper and solidify them as permanent either. Feelings will come and feelings will go. Many are Masters and the FEELINGS COMING yet lack the power to Surrender those feelings when they create great distress and are problematic for your well beingness. 

I offer that there is a place for you to Surrender these feelings and be free. It is to the Source itself. For the Light of the Light, God knows exactly what to do with them. When you surrender the feelings through prayer, meditation or any act done with pure intention these feelings can be transmuted and you allow yourself to instantly be renewed in the Light of the Light. There are no accidents. Know that all you are experiencing or will experience has a reason and through Surrender you will come to understand the deeper reason and be able to move on, whatever that means to you. 

As this year comes to a close, I offer you. Take time to reflect. Take time to write. Take time to Pray. Take time to clean out your “emotional bodies”. If you are experiencing the blues, invite in the pure Light of the Source to sweep you clean. If you are experiencing the reds, (anger or fear), invite in the pure Light of Source to sweep you clean. Right here! Right now! This is the time. 

Be intentful. Be Powerful. Be Free.

I am here at your service.

-Archangel Michael

A prayer for connection:

“Light of the Light, Source, Creator, God, Thank you for helping me to let go of the past and past situations. I Surrender it all to you in full faith and trust to your Divine wisdom and Infinite Love. I have Faith in you to resolve and heal it for everyone and in everything.  [Make your specific request, for the feelings or situations]Provide me with clear instructions concerning what I need to do to bring about my request.  I offer my sincere thanks — Amen.

With love and in Light,


JOIN Felicia this month for the 2nd Annual Forgiveness and Dharma Talk on December 9th from 11am-1pm. This event will focus on this topic of Surrender. What better time to FORGIVE and LET GO!

Felicia Crawford has been working with the Angels for over 15 Years. Archangel Michael made his presence known to her during her work in the field of Reiki and Energy Medicine. 

She offers personal readings and healings through her work with “Therapy for the Soul”. These sessions are a combination of Reiki, ThetaHealing and Angelic Communication. 

Visit her website for more information @ 

Visit her YouTube Channel to receive weekly messages from the Angels to inspire your life! 

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