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Endeavor your Work. Weekly Message from Archangel Michael.

"Endeavor your work." This week Archangel Michael brings forth the message of Endeavoring your work and be honest in all you do.

To Endeavor your work is to work with a specific intention and goal in mind. To put your heart, mind and energy into what you are doing. To focus your energy on what is your work and doing it intentionally and purposefully. In the cards, he guides us to focus on personal relationships of health and wellbeing. To not just read about things we want to bring into life. To get out there and do new things this week. Physically challenge yourself through practices such as yoga. To mentally challenge yourself by meditating daily. To turn what we have read about in all aspects of life into your personal wisdom by actually experiencing them!

"Your work is to discover your work and then give all your heart, mind and attention to this work." -Buddha

My work this week is to share the wisdom and knowledge of ThetaHealing, Reiki and the Angels. Thank you for supporting my work.

Just for today, Endeavor your work and BE grateful.


Felicia Crawford has been working with the Angels for over 15 Years. Archangel Michael made his presence known to her during her work in the field of Reiki and Energy Medicine. She offers personal readings and healings through her work with “Therapy for the Soul”. These sessions are a combination of Reiki, ThetaHealing and Angelic Communication. Visit her website for more information @

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