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"Going it alone.. " A message from Archangel Michael

Welcome August!

Greetings Angel Friends:

This month I am delivering a message from Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael’s name means, “He who is most like God.” His energy carries with it the strength of the divine to assist us all in the removal of fear in order to live a life of purpose and mastery. This Angel was my first contact from the realm of the Angels.

After many years of working with Reiki and raising my vibration I was working on a dear client of mine who was struggling with heart issues. She had been to her doctor and then could not diagnose the cause. She decided to try an alternative approach and I believe this is when the Angels connected us. I was administering Reiki onto her heart chakra when I sensed a new energy with us and heard from within her heart the word ‘Mom’. I asked from this same place inside my heart, “Who is with us?” and I heard Michael!

At that moment I asked her about her Mom and it was as if her heart cracked open on my table. She had lost her Mom a few months prior and was carrying this Grief and anger at herself for not setting things right with her. I witnessed this Angel shining his blue cobalt energy through me to help move and resolve these energies. It was a moment I will never forget! From this point on, I knew I had to learn more about the Angels.

Working with the Angels is something we can all do. A simple way is to just each day as you set forth into the world say,

“Thank you Angels for being with me today. Thank you for helping me to make a positive impact on the world and for showing me signs of your presence everywhere I go.”

Have a wonderful month, Felicia

The Card of the Month:

Ascended Master: “Powerful, loving and wise spiritual teachers are watching over and guiding you.”

Michael’’s Channelled Message:

“Each of you has a team of support available to you. I often witness you “Going it alone.” This is so unnecessary for your development and I bring you the message of Assistance. To be assisted and allow assistance is contradictory to the Ego. The Ego is the one who will always choose to “Go it alone.” The very existence of Angels is proof from the heavens that this was never the way it is meant to be. Creator, God created the Angels to assist you all in your endeavors. I step forward now to all those who are ready to move in a way of Strength and Mastery. I step forward today to offer you my assistance. I have many instruments of service. I offer you my shield to guard you against the attack of judgment and fear. I offer you my sword to cut cords that create further conflict in your life. I offer you my Cobalt blue energy to raise your vibration and balance your mind.

The Ascended Masters, including the Angels are always willing to assist you, yet they ask and require you to invite them to work with and through you. These powerful and loving teachers are watching over you and can guide you from a higher vantage point. To ask for assistance is a powerful way to see your life from the level of divinity. The Ego is “the one” who is in the middle of chaos and loses its way. No need to judge this or over analyze this. Simply understand and lift up.

From the perspective of the Angels and Ascended Masters you are more powerful than you realize and your ability to make choices is key to your ascension and mastery. Let the light of the divine guide you, simply ask for help and watch your life grow. To ask for help is a Power play of spirit. Remember you do not need to “Go it alone.” We are here for you now and always.

You are loved. You are light.”

-Archangel Michael

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