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Hidden Miracles: Dig Deep to find the treasure contained inside of you!

Weekly Angel Video message for March 11th

Hidden Miracles: The power of the Root Chakra

Dig Deep this week!

The Miracles are hidden within you. The Chakra system contains powerful traits that are often unseen and unrealized. You cannot visibly see the chakras as you are able to see your flesh and bones, yet these centers do exist. You cannot see the powers of gravity until you jump from above and land on the ground. You cannot see these powers contained and built into you until you decide to dig a little deeper into your spiritual nature. The Chakra system is what brings spiritual power into the world through you as the medium.

The root Chakra is equivalent to the roots of the Tree. When you see the glory and beauty of the mighty oak, you cannot see the full glory of the Oak unless you dig deep into the Earth. The tree through the roots is connected to the matrix of the Mother Gaia. The tree is in communion with the Earth and is a vital part of the structure of all it is surrounded by. The same is true for you!

The Hidden Miracle of focus, clarity and fearlessness is contained inside of the Mighty Chakra, contained inside of the mighty soul of you! When you are rooted in life, you can endure all of the changes of life itself, for you are every ounce of you connected and whole can weather life.

Archangel Michael encourages you to start each day in Prayer with the Creator. In prayer, “Show me where to go. Show me what to do.” Then receive your answer in the quiet inner space of your heart. Trust the guidance you receive.

The important part is to tune in and listen. Do the simple things you are shown to keep you in the Miraculous power of FOCUS!

Next, shield yourself from distraction. Take time away from external noise and busyness. If you want to manifest miracles, it takes focus, it takes clarity. We are guided by the Angels, by Creator and if you follow this guidance. You will dig deep into your roots and achieve amazing things.!

Take a stand and Grow this week” This is to be fearless. Life is a journey containing ups and downs, highs and lows, deep valleys and mountain peaks. To survive and thrive you must discover this Hidden Miracle of your Root Chakra’s power. The Root Chakra balances and energizes you to walk the Journey with Courage and face everything you meet with fortitude and fearlessness.

You are a powerful spiritual being inside of physical form. To be truly grounded is the ability to realize your spiritual power right here, right now in this beautiful thing called life. This is to reveal the Hidden Miracle within you.

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