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Beloved friends:

I am here to confess something very important to you today. I ask that as you read this you, there be no judgment and only the choice to love. It can be very difficult to admit things outside of yourself.

We all know this, because once you “put it out there” you have no control on how others will view you, how it will be received, no matter the spirit you intend and often when we are vulnerable and open there can be judgment.

This year has been a year of what I am deeming as


When you know yourself, you are EMPOWERED.

When you accept yourself, you become INVINCIBLE!

A place where I can “put it out there” truly with myself and still on every single level Accept myself with love and compassion. This has not been the easiest of tasks. For Acceptance is a deeply revealing lens. This view does not have or desire any Rose colored glasses getting in the way. It is the purest and bravest ability to say, yes that is me. In all the triumphs and the failures.

So back to my confession……..

I AM NOT PERFECT. I make mistakes, I say the wrong things, I sometimes eat shitty foods or have a little more wine than I should, , I can be inconsiderate, I don’t know everything, I am often selfish, I am NOT PERFECT.

Whew! That sucked. I can’t even believe I am sharing this with you.

Now here is where RADICAL ACCEPTANCE comes in. I still in every way LOVE myself. The Perfectionist would never do that. I know I lived with her for close to 50 years now. She is so judgmental, she is demanding and critical. I am not a big fan of the Perfectionist but I have learned to understand her. When I accepted her, things shifted dramatically for me. I realized that at the root of procrastination and self-sabotage was a part of me I rejected. That was tough to see yet so needed.

My hope is sharing and “confessing” this truth will serve and inspire you to look within and admit a few truths, get to know the parts of you which you are rejecting with judgment, shame and blame. There is often a place where a wound has been left unhealed or trauma stored.

I offer you some guidance, look with the light of ACCEPTANCE. Look with LOVE. This is where the practices of Light are so essential to me.

Reiki is the light of awareness.

ThetaHealing removes limiting beliefs and in alignment with the CREATOR helps you to reach your fullest potential and purpose.

ANGELS are always there to remind you of the beauty of your Soul.

So Today, look at yourself in the mirror of the heart. What do you desire to change? What changes are you willing to make? Where are you ready to offer yourself RADICAL ACCEPTANCE.

How about this view instead?


Flawsome is something that is awesome because of, not despite its flaws. It is perfectly possible for flaws and awesomeness to co-exist. It echoes a powerful sentiment of RADICAL SELF ACCEPTANCE.

Need a little assistance? I am here for you. My THERAPY for Soul session, combine Reiki, ThetaHealing and Angelic Guidance to help you be the FLAWSOME beautiful being you are.

With love and gratitude,


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