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Know yourself and Speak your Truth

Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of Communication and makes his presence known again this week.

In this message he offers and angelic perspective on the principle of Truth. In sanskrit this is called "Satya" The bedrock of Truth.

To be able to truly speak your truth, first you must know how you truly are. Know the True you and speak from the heart of your true self. This can only be done from the connection to the infinate soul in your heart.

When you speak from this place truth can be felt and easily delivered. He offers a simple formula of


When you feel stressed and outside of yourself with worries, fears and frustrations. Pause, Take a Breathe and Connect to the BEINGNESS of you. The you will have power to speak the truth and speak with love. Speak love, speak light, speak peace. This is the highest level of Satya.

With love and in light! Namaste'

Have an Amazing Week, Felicia

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