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Learn ThetaHealing & Welcome Miracles into your life!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

ThetaHealing is an amazing modality that teaches us how to go into a dream state, allows us to stimulate our body to heal, focus our thoughts, and create the world that we want to create. With ThetaHealing, we find limiting beliefs that can prevent you from achieving goals. You must eliminate them and replace them with focused thoughts. Utilizing ThetaHealing, we can change the world with love and kindness.

The seminars help you understand you, your body, and the beliefs that you carry with you, even from other generations and your ancestors. ThetaHealing is taught in layers and given to you in pieces because it’s such a deep topic.

The Basic ThetaHealing Seminar provides you with the ABC’s and the core building blocks. The next step is the Advanced ThetaHealing Seminar. This workshop prepares your body and mind for learning and to become a ThetaHealing Practitioner. If you truly want to change your life, you need these two seminars.

The theta state of mind is what we teach you to do in a dream state. In ThetaHealing we teach people how to focus in being connected to the Creator of All That Is.

The most important thing to remember is that ThetaHealing teaches you a way to connect to the Creator and to provide you with the knowledge that God is real. To be able to tap into that energy and allow your body to heal is amazing, and by knowing about the brain wave patterns, it is a way for ThetaHealing to show that something is happening when we do healings. It explains why healers all through the ages have had results.


When you take the practitioner seminar, you get to practice and experience ThetaHealing first hand. In every belief system, the primary objective is finding the positive belief that holds it. The practitioner seminar gives you the ability to practice this with other people, and while that is important, there is so much more to ThetaHealing that is offered when you take the seminar.

ThetaHealing is often referred to as the attainable miracle and the ability to Create the Reality of your desire!

Join me in an upcoming class to receive your certification. It WILL change your life!

All love, Felicia

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