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Reiki for the next generation!

Beloved friends: I am excited to be offering Reiki Kids this summer! When I was meditating on summer offerings the ANGELS brought me the message of the Kids. Our children are under more pressure no than ever before and exposed to large amounts of stress daily. I have seen this in my own children growing up.

When my children were young I taught them Reiki. I kept the teachings simple and accessible, yet I wanted them to receive and understand the wonderful energy of Reiki. With this practice, we have navigated life changes, sickness, depression, social pressure, etc etc.. Reiki was a gift during all of these events and transitions.

Reiki is one of the simplest practices to learn. With intention, you are able to request and direct high vibrational love into a system. How great is that? Here are the details of the class and some direct benefits of Reiki for you to explore!

Who knows, maybe MOM and DAD can learn Reiki to!

With love,


Therapy for the Soul Presents

Reiki Kids w/Felicia

This program is designed for the next GENERATION, our Children. Reiki is a wonderful gift of energy balancing and energy awareness. Children want to learn. The children are telling us it is time to teach them. In their own way they are telling us they would like to be connected to their true spiritual nature in a way that they can easily integrate into every aspect of their lives. Reiki is the perfect practice.

Just like a child’s immune system that needs all the help to develop, children’s energy and emotions can become stronger when aided with Reiki. Reiki is one of the best self-care gifts you can provide for a child.

Reiki Allows Kids to Relax Deeply.

If you think your child’s playful, hyperactive behavior is more than just being a phase, you can try

checking their energy.

Reiki can help soothe a child’s restlessness by lowering the negative energy flow that might cause them to be rowdier than ever. Since emotions and changes easily overwhelm kids, Reiki can help in clearing a child’s energy from these triggers.

Reiki Brings Back Balance to A Child’s System.

Reiki brings back the optimum energy flow to your child’s system. When a good amount of positive energy flows through your child, the energy that’s bad can be eliminated.

Reiki Helps Restore a Child’s Confidence.

Kids are sensitive and impressionable. A hurtful word or a displeased comment can wound their self-esteem. Reiki restores a child’s confidence by helping them be in touch with their worth and have an increase in awareness.

Reiki Can Protect Children from Taking On Stresses From Adults.

Do you want to protect your child from the stresses mom and dad are exposed to? Reiki can make this possible by promoting a more positive energy flow.

Reiki For Kids Can Improve Sleep and Concentration.

Reiki makes it possible for kids to relax, which in turn can contribute to helping kids achieve more restful slumbers. When kids are well-rested, their concentration ability works far better!

Reiki Helps Kids Navigate Through Challenges Better.

Kids with Reiki are more mindful, more proactive, and more protective of their peace. Children who grew up with Reiki are more grounded and more peace-promoting, thanks to the healthy energy flow in them.

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