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Reiki Kids program: Care for the Children of the Stars...

Beloved friends:

Over the past decade I have focused mostly on working with adults with Reiki. This year the Angels have been bringing to me unique and wonderful children who need tools to channel their energy and understand what they are feeling. I call these children the Children of the Stars. Children of the Stars are “different” from the start.

They require more patience, more understanding due to their high levels of sensitivity. This sensitivity may show up in their diets, it may show up in the way they learn, it may show up in the way they interact with others. This sensitivity is their SuperPower. Reiki is a way to teach them about energy and themselves.

Reiki for Kids & Reiki for Teens are the perfect programs for them and I would be honored to teach them about this loving energy and the loving energy that flows within them. The Angels gave me this way to define it. Reiki is a life launching program for them. From an early age, teach them about their spirit and how to connect to the loving universe in an easy and direct manner. Reiki teaches, “Where the mind goes, the energy flows.” Reiki directs the mind to love, connection and balance. What a wonderful world this can be.

In love and light,


Children of the Stars

If you are a star child, regardless of which category you fall into, star children are known to embody the energy of grace, purity, truth and wisdom. They know that all life on Earth is sacred and should be respected, and they seek to rebuild the Earth by spreading and teaching others about compassion and love.

The Children of the Stars are a new type of soul being born who carries with them a greater understanding. On the physical level they actually have extra strands of DNA. On the spiritual level they are often highly evolved and very intuitive naturally. They may be clairvoyant, clairsentient and or able to communicate telepathically.

There are several embodiments of Star children born at different times of history:

Indigo Children:

Indigo Children are the first wave of these children. They received this name because the clairvoyant can see an indigo color present in their aura. These children often present with many different gifts and challenges and are often very misunderstood. They have been diagnosed with such things as:

ADD (attention deficit disorder)

ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


What our society and often families fail to understand is that there is often nothing WRONG with these children. Many of them are just unable to cope with the way our present systems are set up. They learn differently and can often operate on many levels at once. They know when they are being lied to or manipulated. They seek truth. They often act out because they feel misunderstood and out of place. The world and all of its stimulation and pressure can be overwhelming due to their highly empathic sensitive nature.

Crystal Children:

Crystal Children tend to share a physical trait of having large, luminous eyes that almost seem to gaze into your very being. Their eyes can shift in color. When you are with them you feel as if they can SEE your Soul. They are healers and their eyes reflect light and love. Crystal children are described as having an ‘old soul’.

Crystal Children are beautiful both inside and out. These children have innate spiritual gifts and are recognized by their radiant clear crystalline aura.

Crystal children are pure of spirit and very connected to the earth. They are the huggers and the healers. They are in-tune with their own energy. They are teachers of compassion, tolerance, patience, and gentleness.

Rainbow Children:

Rainbow children have a higher vibration than the rest of humanity. They will be the ones who bring gender fluidity—refusing to be categorized or contained. We are told that they are ‘new souls’, who have never incarnated previously, yet they arrive almost completely spiritually evolved. They have their own clear point of view and seem to pick up things very easily.

Rainbow children learn quickly and bring the quantum energy of science and spirituality. They have a keen sense of technology and adapt and understand how to use this technology for the benefit of all. Rainbow children are free of dogma and know how to bend the laws of the universe.

Rainbow children are the highest example of our true potential. They embody true divinity, and their goal is to serve others. Rainbow children are extremely giving, fearless, and they have no trouble expressing their emotions. Rainbow children are in touch with themselves and the world around them.

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