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Release Doubt for the New Year! Choose Faith!

Doubt is Bologna

Ok, so if you are a bologna lover this analogy may not be for you. You may need to insert spam in its place. When I think of bologna I am reminded of growing up in a money limited household, in other words POOR. When you would open the fridge there was not much to choose from. Definitely, not any fine deli meats, gourmet cheese or yoo-hoo on tap as my kids have it today. Most lunches, if there were any besides reduced lunch offered by the school I could count on a bologna, government cheese and mustard sandwich waiting on the inside. Bologna has always been the cheapest deli meat you could find with the most bang for its buck. It was what my family could afford.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Well, recently in a training I was leading I had a student who was struggling, suffocating and blocking all her gifts and abilities with this thing called DOUBT. Can you relate? You want to understand something, to do something and this DOUBT comes in and starts standing in your way. It had her locked up. In desperation she asked; almost pleading,

“How do I get past this?”

I being the wise teacher I am stopped and tuned in to the man upstairs, God I mean.

I asked, “How can I help her get past this? What wisdom can I share with her that can release her from this fear?”

It was almost comical, the next thing I asked her was,

“Do you like bologna?”

She started laughing and said, “NO! It’s the worst, yuck.”

I then asked her, “Why are you choosing it?”

I went to explain choosing Doubt was like choosing the cheapest thing offered to her. Doubt was the low end of the spectrum. It didn’t cost much, it came in large quantities, but it had no real value. Think about bologna, it has no real nutritional value. It can fill you up, but it doesn’t add anything to your health and well-being. I then challenged her to choose better. I had her imagine standing in the deli section with a full array of offerings from Doubt to Faith, from bologna to roast beef. Then guided her to decide in real life, real time what would she choose? She had a choice.

This was the real AHA, to know she had a choice.

Guess what she chose? What would you choose? I personally, in my life have worked hard to make it possible to have better available to me and my children. I am thankful I have made the changes I have and boy howdy talk about changes. I have moved away from Doubt, I no longer want it in my life. I am one that aims high with faith. Faith guides me to hold myself in high regard and stand firm in what I want and what I know.

I know one thing for sure and I will share it with you.

God, the universe, whatever you call it is on my side. God wants me to succeed, he is just as invested in this as I am. Maybe even more so. Who better to guide students to learn how to heal themselves and others? Who better to bring healing to those in pain? Who better than me to show the world a successful example of a woman in business than me? I know I was given these and many other purposes for a reason. I have full FAITH! Heck, my first book about my life, is called, “Uncommon Faith.” Can you get bolder?

Growing up Doubt lived in our house, was served up daily and was the way of being. You can dress up bologna with other things but in the end, it is still the same. Sometimes doubt was dressed up as fear, anger, depression, apathy, aggression and sometimes even abuse. In my adult life I had become Doubt in its many forms, but one day I WOKE UP. I decided to find a new way. A way of uncommon faith and my life has now morphed in ways which are nothing short of miraculous.

So here is what I will leave you with. When Doubt is being served up by you or anyone else, politely decline it. So no thank you, I prefer something else. It will change your life and I have,


Let's get together in 2023 and connect to your FAITH! ThetaHealing is a fantastic option! Join me for the final event of 2022! Forgive and let go!

I have faith in you,


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