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Spring Equinox: Now Miracles

This week's Message from Archangel Michael!

Now Miracles

I am the One Light.

I am the One Love.

I am the One Truth.

Right here, right now in your current space and place miracles are all around you. Yet, many of you live in the past hurts and pains or project into some future in the vibration of worry. Can you see the glory of God all around you? Do you lift your eyes up to the light and see the Now Miracles which abundantly surround you?

Now Miracles teach you that in every moment you are in the NOW. The truth of the experience of living fully present and aware. To bring all of who you are into the NOW. To be right here and right now with each person and each beautiful moment of life. To have your full Wholehearted attention in the NOW. This is freedom from the past and will bring Love to your Future, light to your Future. Truth is there is no other place than NOW. In the NOW the past is behind you and the Future is before you.

“What lies behind you and what lies before you fails in comparison to what lies within me.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is time to live in the Holy Instant, the present moment awareness of the ONE Light, ONE love, ONE truth. The Course in Miracles teaches you are free in only one place. This ONE place is NOW. When you arrive fully in the Now, it is the Holy instant you can receive your Miracles and acknowledge the Miracle of Existence. It is time to live WHOLLY in this place right here, right now.

The EGO likes to refuse the present moment with dissatisfaction. You are not just the Ego, you are the presence behind the Ego. When you become distracted and drift off, no longer waste more time on chastising yourself, just choose to return and instantly you are free.

Believe in You. Believe in Miracles. This is a NOW miracle. You can do all great things, believe and Know this to be true.

You are the ONE light, ONE love, ONE truth.

-Archangel Michael

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