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Time is precious: A message from Archangel Gabrielle

Welcome May! This month I would like to introduce you to the Archangel Gabrielle. She has a loving, feminine energy and nurtures all those who ask for her help As we enter into the month of Mother’s day, I was guided to bring her message forward for all of us to hear and benefit from. But first, a little about this amazing Angel.

Gabrielle (aka Gabriel) is known as the “angel of communication”. Her name means “The strength of the Divine.”

Gabrielle's main focus is Divine Communication. Gabrielle helps communication to flow with the divine qualities of beauty, grace, and clarity. Call upon Archangel Gabrielle for more effective communication with others, or to get a message out in a written, or spoken form.

This Archangel is the perfect angel when you are ready “to give birth” to new ideas. Are you ready to start your blog, book or any other project in which you need to express yourself? When you connect to Archangel Gabrielle she enters the space with her Trumpet to announce her message in the colors of White Coppery Gold and colors of purity. She may offer you a white lily to represent forgiveness and purity.

This month’s message:

Time Management

“Place your priorities at the top of your to-do list and don’t allow distractions to deter your focus.”

“Beloved beings, Anything of value that you wish to create will need time to develop and be brought to the light of the world. A book will not write itself. It takes 2 to have a conversation. A dialogue vs a monologue. I offer to you all this month, the gift of time.

Time is a precious commodity and I witness many of you wasting time on communication that brings no value. There are opportune moments created by your Angels to have the conversations needed to advance your careers and your personal relationships.

I encourage you this month to change the dialogue and have the important conversations with yourself and others in your life. Don’t waste your time gossiping or judging what others are doing. Focus on what you can do. Focus on what you love about others. Focus on spending your precious TIME doing things that matter!

I offer you this prayer,

“Archangel Gabrielle, I thank you for pointing me in the direction of Love. Bring your vibration to me, so I will know the right thing to say, write or do this month. Let my words express the love the Angels share so freely. I thank you for watching over my family, my community and my world. Infuse and inspire me with your words. Thank you!”

Have a great month!

-Felicia Crawford:

Angel Messenger: Healer: Spiritual Counselor

“Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Felicia has been working with Angels since the early 2000's. They began to appear to her in healing sessions and meditations. She was inspired to deepen her training and become a Conscious Medium of the Angelic Realm. She has studied with Master teachers around the globe. Her connection to the Angelic Realm has been a major role of growth and inspiration in all her work as a Healer, Teacher, Angel card Reader and Human!

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