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“Turtle Power”

Updated: Jun 18

Slow down to speed up.. the teachings of the Turtle.

Don’t let life pass you by in the pursuit of life itself. The pursuit of happiness is ingrained into American culture. It is displayed through advertisement, in school, politics and is a big part of why so many make the journey to the US. Is happiness nothing more than chasing after things, in pursuit of something always just a bit out of reach? Lord, I hope not. 

Daily life often begins to feel like a list of never ending to do’s. Waking up with the mind racing and already half way through the day. The body is in motion before the feet even hit the ground. Phones are just waiting for contact so they can deliver all the important “events” which have occurred while you were away. Even one touch and the dinging and vibrating begins. Once the information begins to flow it is Go time!

Yesterday bleeds into today and today bleeds into worries of tomorrow. Before the day can present itself the thoughts of, 

“ Will I be able to get it all done? Where to start? How will it all get done?” 

Ok, let’s pause, just for a moment. Ok, let’s take a breath, just for a moment. How about a new approach? Contemplate just for a moment the idea of Slowing down in order to Speed up. Sounds ironic and contradictory yet, it is a powerful teaching and very effective. It changed my life dramatically and taught me what I call, “Turtle Power.” The importance of moving at a steady and consistent pace in order to achieve vs. pursue. To reach goals vs. chase goals.

When given the permission to proceed slower, productivity and efficiency skyrockets. 

Think about this in conjunction with another well-known proverb: "It's not a sprint, it's a marathon." In other words, prioritizing speed and downplaying taking breaks can actually make it harder to finish the task at hand. Pursuing life while in affect life is passing you by. 

A teacher once told me, “Felicia, Slow your Roll.” At first I was almost offended, then I got it. I never stopped, just always on the move with momentary points of connection. This fact was the catalyst for taking off my watch, which at the time I was constantly looking at. I chose to get present with my life.   

“Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.”

― Unknown

Approaching life at a blazing pace, will almost certainly lead to burnout from higher stress levels, lack of focus and loss of enjoyment. Stress Inhibits your ability to stay devoted, focused, and upbeat about life.  High stress is a barrier to attaining goals. Slowing down reduces tension and makes it simpler to continue with the task at hand. 

Slowing down to speed up is a way to reduce the chance of unnecessary mistakes and the backtracking necessary to correct them. When you move too quickly, you fail quickly. When speed is the top priority, accuracy, quality, and workmanship are ignored and your workload increases. Never forget the value of doing it right the first time. 

In slowing your roll, balance is possible. To take time each day for communion with your heart, your spirit. To check in with yourself before the day takes over. Slowing down is the decision to lead your life vs letting life lead you. To stop wasting energy chasing things. To start in balance and remain in balance throughout the day. This is “Turtle power.” You will get there, no need to rush. Without rush in your body, cortisol levels decrease and serotonin and dopamine increase.  You will then feel happier and enjoy your life!

Find a steady pace and watch the day unfold with more ease and grace. No need to rush, life is fast enough. Each day taking time to commune with God, the universe and yourself. Even just a few moments and a few deep breaths could make all the difference.   

Enjoy your life,


Slow is pro! 

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