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When Life offers you Lemons..

When life offers you lemons..

Life can be bittersweet. Lemons have a sour taste whenever they are eaten. Whenever you feel this taste in your mouth, it is believed to be a sign of a bitter experience.

Life is bittersweet, when you can let the light and darkness co-exist as illumination, you can live in true happiness. When you live life at its best, it is a symphony of feelings, of high and low notes, of tragedy and comedy, love and loss, magic and sublime. It can be a spectacular beauty when you fully embrace life and accept it. 

You may have had a bitter experience in your past. The past can haunt you at this moment. It is time to let go of those experiences. Lemons have a tremendous power of manifestation. Using lemons to create lemonade is to utilize the past and the bitter experiences to create change. Manifest the outcome you truly desire. Learn valuable lessons and create wisdom. Lemons represent a high level of spiritual knowledge. Lemons are one of the conduits of eternal light.They are believed to emit a high frequency of spiritual intuition.Whenever you eat lemon, there is an energy that is released; which fuels the rapt manifestation of everything you desire.           


It is time to move forward, to progress in life. To use the light of your spiritual intuition. To use the wisdom obtained from the past challenges. The sweetness of your soul blends with the bitter taste of the past losses and you harness the bittersweetness. The totality of life. To embrace the solar power of you. The light of life. Emotional balance is to stop denying how you felt and decide to feel into life in a new way. 

Lemons represent happiness. Happiness is your birthright. It is a choice. Choosing to be happy will lead to promotion, good luck, and abundance. Look to the future with clarity and focus. Be grounded in happiness, joy, and optimism. There is a truth locked inside of you. It is time to speak your truth with courage and a joy of being. The next time you see a lemon let it remind you of the power of light. The power of your soul’s light. When life brings you lemons, truly and courageously make lemonade and take a life quenching drink! Place 3 lemons in your environment and invite in the energies of mindfulness, purity, good luck and friendship. 

You are a bright yellow light of radiance. Let’s see your light!

Each Week I offer an inspirational Message from Archangel Michael. In the video below learn more about Miracles!

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