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Who are the Angels?

Angels are spiritual beings of love and light from the higher planes of existence. They exist outside of the constraints of time, space and ego, which always allows them to exist in direct communion with the Divine . This connection with the Divine enables Angels to act as Divine messengers for us in the physical realm. The word Angel means the messenger of the divine.

Angels do not have free will as we do, rather they are completely aligned with Divine Will. As highly evolved spiritual beings, they honor your free will and will not interfere in your life without permission, unless for a specific Divinely guided reason. The must be invited by you to participate in your life. The only time this command changes is if you were about to die and it was not your time!

In other words, your Angels do not often take action in the physical realm unless you ask them to do so. They honor your free will and your right to learn your life’s lessons here on earth, and to make our own choices. If you decide to learn the hard way, they walk the path with you. Here’s the great thing, you can ask your Angels for help during this time and make it easier. You could also just ask for their help prior and they will show the way of love.

Angels do want to help you in your life. Nothing makes them more joyful. When they get to assist you, they can serve their purpose. We all want to feel useful even the Angels. Having an Angel with you throughout your day is like hanging out with your best friend, body guard, wise counsel and magician all at once. They can help you from the smallest task or finding keys or parking spaces or the larger like you living your divine purpose. When asked for help, there are no limits to the areas of life angels can offer their Divine frequency and assistance.

Angels offer powerful guidance and support in understanding how you can live in alignment with the intentions and desires of your soul and higher self for this life. Angels are present to raise the vibration of humanity, starting with you. They focus on love and the removal of fear from the planet. They are here to help us create a eutopia or heaven on earth.

Angels want to see you living vibrantly, joyfully and in love and they love when you do call upon them and ask for their guidance and assistance. The Angels would love to show you the you they see. The powerful, beautifully, successful loving you!

Angels are incredibly compassionate, powerful, and they vibrate at such a high frequency, they are visibly and naturally filled with light.

Right now, close your eyes, imagine light all around you. Raise your frequency and state:

“Thank you, Angels, for being with me now. I welcome your presence and assistance in this day and my life. I ask for your help in regards to: ___________________________? I know you are with me. Focus my heart on love and show me the way.”

If you’ve not yet seen, or heard an Angel, it’s simply because the vibration of angels is beyond what you are able to normally perceive with your physical senses. Much of the time to connect with Angels requires lifting in vibration and opening your subtle psychic senses to perceive and experience in the higher spiritual and angelic realms. When you raise your vibration, you feel the Angels right beside you.

May you walk with the Angels today and always,


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