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July Inspirational Message

July Message from the Angels!

Overcoming Negative Thinking

I'm going to talk to you about how do you overcome negative thinking if you don't set your mind to a certain train of thought sometimes it just defaults into negative thinking one day I was meditating on this and the angel showed me an image of an ant and so whenever they show you something like this it's good to look up what that means.

With the ant there's a concept that these this word stands for automatic negative thinking. Ponder for a moment when you arise in the morning do you have automatic negative thinking? Do you already feel overwhelmed anxious discouraged or are you one that gets up and direct your mind to positive thinking? Sometimes we've just gotten a habit of negative thinking; gotten discouraged; gotten overwhelmed; gotten fearful; gotten doubtful? Thoughts have a momentum to them so this week I want to talk to you about in thetahealing. The ability to say pull, cancel and replace. When a negative thought comes up and just know that the mind is either going to to hold a negative or positive charge. It's not wrong that you have negative thinking but it can become a very bad habit to just be constantly negatively thinking about things to think that things are not going to work out.

I'm calling upon Archangel Gabriel/Gabriella. The angel of communication and asking what can we focus our thoughts on so that it goes into right positive thinking so what would we pull and what would we replace it with?

The message guides each of us to let go of the idea of having to do things and replace it with a get to mentality. I get to ________ and I am grateful for it!

With this simple shift you can live in Joy and Reverance. Life in Everyday Magic!

Have a magical week!


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