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March is for Manifesting!

"We create what we vibrate."

Beloved beings: I bring you a message for March! MANIFESTATION!

Look around you, right now in your environment, the car you are driving, the clothes you are wearing. These are all manifestations.

First someone had to “think” of the chair, the car, the shirt and then create it! This is manifestation.

Secondly, these things are your manifestations. The reason these things are with you is through your manifesting powers. You manifested whether you realize it or not these things into your world. Thoughts of needing/wanting a car ignited manifestation. In order to attain the car, you put forth effort, money and time to make it yours! Great work! Now let’s start talking about Manifesting with intention!

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”


Manifestation is the transmutation of thought into its physical equivalent. It’s the process of taking an idea, a dream, a goal, or a vision and taking the necessary action steps to make it a reality. Anything you can daydream about, you can create in your life. The Latin root of “manifestation” is “manifestare” which means “make public.”

Quite literally, when you manifest, you make your goals and dreams public. You pull them out of your mind and into the physical world. This requires focused determination and faith.

Most of the time when you hear someone talking about manifestation, they are talking about intentional manifestation. But in reality, we unintentionally manifest all day long.

As human beings, our minds are constantly overthinking our current reality. This causes us to unintentionally manifest more of what we already have (or don’t have) into our future.

Intentional manifesting requires us to shift our dominating thought patterns to support the reality we want to create, whether or not we are currently living that reality.

Manifestation requires you to be completely focused and determined on bringing your dreams to life. The only thing that will stop you from manifesting the life you desire is you. This is a powerful understanding in ThetaHealing. In this modality practitioners are taught the power of thoughts and the reality these thoughts, YOUR thoughts are creating.


Every statement, thought, and action is reflected by what we are manifesting in our lives. Every decision is made upon the mirror reflection of what we choose to create. What we think and say have a direct bearing upon whether our manifestations are for our benefit or detriment. If you constantly say that you are poor, you will be. If you constantly say and think that you are financially abundant, you will be. It is of the most importance to stay in a positive mindset.

We are creating our own reality, and it is possible to manifest the best that the world has to offer. But you must first decide what you want in your life. Most people don’t know what they truly want in their life; therefore it is never created. Other people believe that their life is leading them, and they are not in control of their lives. I would encourage you to consciously begin to direct your mind to what IS Possible and what you truly want.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. We are made of our thoughts; we are molded by our thoughts.” The Bhagavad Gita

The time has come to get clear and create with intention.

There actually is science behind the idea of manifestation—that is, turning an idea into a real thing. The science of the mind tell us that a growth mindset can help you manifest your dreams and reach your goals

Research shows that believing you can do something makes it more likely that you'll successfully do it. That means that our beliefs about our ability to learn, grow, and succeed—our growth mindset—can indeed affect whether we effectively manifest what we desire.

Importantly, if we truly believe we can achieve something AND we are willing to do the work to achieve it your dreams can manifest! Your beliefs bring about behaviors that lead to the outcomes we desire. If things are NOT manifesting in your favor or not showing up for you. It may be time to look at some underlying beliefs and thoughts. Remember you are manifesting in each moment through the LAW of attraction. This Law is about matching frequency. What we vibrate, the “vibes” we send out attract into our life, people, things and experiences!

“We create what we vibrate.”

If I had one tip for you today, it would be FOCUS on the positive. Positive thoughts bring about positive vibrations which attract more positive experiences.

Are you ready to learn more about Manifesting and manifesting in a Theta brainwave? Come see me one on one or attend my manifesting 101 workshop this month! March 16th! Being in a theta wave while manifesting can be the game changer. Intentional manifesting in the Theta brainwave increases the effectiveness by 80-90%! I can attest to this, ThetaHealing first taught what manifesting truly means and equipped me with a powerful technique to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Start today! The law of attraction is always on. YOU CAN create what you want, bring your goals and dreams into reality.

Have a great month,


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