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Start the day in a Positive Way!

There are a lot of ways to raise your vibration every morning, but the best way to start is meditation and intention setting. When you first wake up, before the mind has a chance to pick up where it left off, drop into a meditative state. When you are fresh, set a fresh intention for the day. Decide from within how you choose to experience the day. Ask yourself, “What vibration will I choose to walk in today?”

Just as you choose your outfit and what you will present to the world on the outside. Decide what you will present to the world from the inside out.

When you Start your day with meditation you Bless your life with your full awareness. My son came up with a great saying,

“Win the morning, win the day.”

Each morning, I connect with the Creator, the love of the universe through ThetaHealing. In this course we are taught a simple and effective meditative technique to “Go up and Connect to the Divine.” This is all down in the powerful Theta brainwave, which is often referred to as the “miracle brainwave.”

In this technique the mind is open and clear. The brain releases naturally the happy chemical of serotonin. So body, mind and spirit are off to a great start for the day.

Go out there and win the day!

Here is the meditation with Vianna Stibal, creator of ThetaHealing. I am here to share and teach you more! The truth is we need to get up every morning and go into a state of mediation to connect with the energy of the Creator; we can actually make our lives matter by just feeling the energy of life.

With love,


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