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What is the transformation process really about?

Beloved Friends:

I, like you, have the desire to lead a life of quality, peace and purpose. I love my work as a teacher and guide to help my community to heal from the past and release the limitations we have come to believe are true. I know in full Faith this is possible. I have seen myself become an ever-improving version of MYSELF through the transformative practices of ThetaHealing, Reiki, Yoga and guidance from the Angelic realm.

Today, I offer you this question.

What is transforming in you?

Remember, transformation itself is a process. We all know the metaphor of the caterpillar to the Butterfly. Did you know in the process there is a piece called “Caterpillar Soup”? One of my mentors shared this insight with me during a time of great change in my life. I had left my 20 year marriage, had to sell my share of a yoga studio and found myself living in a small cottage. My life was in full FLUX. She said, “You are in the Soup Felicia.”


Caterpillar soup is when the old is gone and the new is not yet formed. No longer the caterpillar: not yet the Butterfly. Can you relate?

This was a time in my life I decided this is a moment of opportunity. If the future was not yet formed it was time to CREATE CONSCIOUSLY. I turned to THETAHEALING. I decided to embrace the soup time of my life and add some new ingredients.

THETAHEALING is a remarkable practice of identifying the “programs/belief systems” we carry and then through the technique you are taught how to


programs/beliefs to what you truly want and want to be.

Life shapes us or we shape our lives.

What kind of butterfly do you want to be?

What colors and shapes would you have on you?

Imagine you as the butterfly. Beautiful right?

So again I ask you, “What is transforming in you?”

With love and gratitude,


Want to know more about THETAHEALING? I offer sessions and certifications. The last one of 2022 is ONLINE.

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1 Comment

Sunny North
Sunny North
Oct 22, 2022

Light bulb! I recently realized that I feel stuck in “waiting “. I have been waiting for one thing or another for a year: for seizures to end, house to sell, reinstatement of driving privileges, an engine, a transmission, etc. While I have become habituated in the feeling of waiting, I have nothing to wait for except to truly begin becoming what I imagine myself to be. Love and Gratitude, Felicia.

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