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Why learn ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing teaches you how to Access the realms of Divine Change and Miracles. This is done through an easy to use and specific meditation technique. This technique is the HIGHLIGHT of the Basic Dna class. Being able to connect to the Theta brain wave gives you access to the conscious, subconscious and SUPER conscious mind. The SUPER conscious mind is that of the Divine mind or your Soul. From this unity changes can be made and miracles occur!

The ThetaHealing Meditation is made to take you to a theta wave state. Imagine yourself going up above your space, and saying “creator” or “god” or however you understand the Creator or God to be. Your brain will flip into a dream state; into a light theta brainwave. To feel that visionary state, you have to imagine going into these different stages. You can feel a little push up towards the crown.

When we are measured on an electroencephalograph, we can see that all the energy in our brain is going right up at the top of our head to our crown, and this is where your theta brain waves are. The alpha brainwaves are found in your frontal lobe, and the delta brainwaves are found near the back of your head. The theta brain waves are at the top of your head, and you can feel the energy moving up to your crown.

Truly visualize energy coming up and moving through the universe, going through space, and being in the tingly white light, and what it would feel like. When you say the word “Creator,” you will go deeper into the vision. Your brain has to be trained. After you do this, your brain releases a little bit of extra serotonin, endorphins, and probably growth hormones..

The more you imagine what it feels like in meditation, the deeper you will go. A lot of people think that imagining something doesn’t make it real, but everything is a concept first. When you meditate, imagine what it will feel like to have energy running through your body, and what it would feel like to experience the power of creation. Each time you practice, you go deeper into theta. You are training your brain to go deeper and you will be able to achieve more!

This is just one of the many wonderful things you will learn in this 3 day seminar!

Let’s create miracles together,


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